From the e-Doc FAQ

What do I have to give up if I need the translation or the edit immediately?

There will be no proofreading of the text. (Our normal process involves proofreading by a different editor.) What this means is that there will be some oversights and some debris caused by electronic editing that you will have to clean up yourself. In other words, the text will be in entirely proper English, but there will be some errors that I missed or some instances in which in a difficult sentence, that is completely reorganized, a word that should not have been deleted is deleted by mistake (or vice versa). This is liable to result in a completely meaningless sentence, but if you look at the edits you will quickly be able to identify the technical error and fix it yourself. So you must be aware of this possibility and do the proofing yourself as you go over the edits.

I have a million words to edit/translate; how come I don’t get a discount?

Editors/translators are members of the proletariat: we sell our time. There is no economy of scale in editing or translating; every paragraph, every sentence, every word must be looked at individually and a decision must be made about it. A thousand pages amount to one thousand times one page.

Why do I pay more for עבודת פימצטאות?

In the normal process of translation, the original text is open in one file or printed on a page in front of me, and I enter the translation into another file, in one continuous and fluent process, paragraph after paragraph. It is an entirely different thing to have a 55-word section of text in Hebrew embedded in a 160-word English paragraph, where I first have to read one or two sentences before the Hebrew text to have a clue what it is that I’m translating, then type in the middle of a paragraph that contains a combination of English and Hebrew text, and finally read the following sentence or two to make sure that everything hangs together. If the Hebrew insertion is very short, it takes longer to get the context than to translate the text.
For clients who have the courtesy to at least tell me the word count, the cost is 50 agorot/word+VAT instead of 40 agorot. If I have to go paragraph by paragraph and count the words myself, it is 55 agorot/word+VAT.

Does your editing include also scientific editing or just language editing?

There is no such thing as “scientific editing.” You are the scientist so you are supposed to know better than anyone in the world what happens when you reestablish a functional population of hippocampal newborn neurons in adult mice. If you expect us (or any other editor) to say, “Hmmm… I’m not sure behavior symptoms are really rescued…” it will not happen. Having said that, if there are inconsistencies in the text or incomplete explanations there is a good chance we will find them. But the responsibility for the scientific accuracy of your paper is always and exclusively yours. So from this point of view you should consider the editing as strictly linguistic.

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