Marketing Writing

Marketing writing services are based on knowledge and understanding of a wide range of fields: business, legal, technical, and scientific.

Content for Websites

For many companies and organizations, the content of their website carries the main marketing burden. Our approach to writing content for websites combines the customary marketing methods used in copywriting with the in-depth technical knowledge of the type on which technical writing is based.

e-Doc does not differentiate between technical and marketing writing, and the technical writers are also the copywriters. This ensures that marketing documents are informed by exhaustive technical and professional knowledge in the client’s business area.

Range of Marketing Documents

e-Doc produces a rich portfolio of marketing documents that includes white papers, brochures, data sheets, a range of technical documents, catalogs, product specifications, presentations, etc. Copywriting services include writing, translation, editing, and proofreading of text, as well as processing and production of documents in all required formats.

Complex Business Documents

The writing of extensive business documents such as business plans, RFQs/RFPs, annual reports, and the like is a complex project involving many professionals. e-Doc coordinates and manages the project, edits and normalizes all texts, and designs the final document.

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About us:

e-Doc is a Jerusalem-based documentation developer and outsourcer serving local clients and companies anywhere seeking a cost-effective offshore technical writing solution. We develop world-class documentation that meets the highest US and European standards >> Read more..