Technical Writing for the Web 2.0 Era

Technical writing is changing before our very eyes under the influence of the new interfaces. In Web 2.0 environments there are no technical documents properly speaking. The role of the technical document is filled by a variety of objects (segments of text, images, viewlets, audio clips, animations, and such) strategically positioned in places where questions are liable to arise about the product or one of its functions. Under the Web 2.0 regime, all writing is absorbed into the interface and becomes an integral part of the product. Because technical writing considerations are now part of development and UI design considerations, the technical writer must be involved in every decision having to do with the functionality of the product. Indeed, the technical writer joins the development team as a participant, and not (as in the past) an observer. This approach to documentation changes radically the field of technical writing and the function of the technical writer. It also demands of technical writers skills in areas that in the past were not relevant to their work.

The technical writers at e-Doc are prepared to lead your writing project into the most advanced and innovative regions of the Web 2.0 environment, adhering to the highest standards.

e-Doc covers a wide professional fieldin technical writing, including software and Internet, information systems, communication and mobile systems, instrumentation and hardware-software systems, medical imaging, and more. In all these areas, we produce every type of document.

Virtual Documentation Department

For small and medium-size companies, we serve as a virtual documentation department and provide comprehensive technical writing services in real time. For large companies, that deploy technical writing departments, we integrate with the routine work of the department.

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About us:

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